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Our expertise was on full display for industry leader Mueller Inc. Klindworth Roofing was proud to be chosen to install a stunning black MSL standing seam panel roof on their new display building. This sleek metal roof isn’t just functional – it’s the centerpiece of their showcase. 

This sleek and modern design perfectly complements Mueller Inc.’s commitment to innovation and quality. Our expert installation ensures superior weather protection and a long-lasting roof, built to endure for years to come.

The MSL panels beautifully exemplify the strength, durability, and modern aesthetic of metal roofing – qualities that Mueller Inc. prioritizes in their products. Visitors will be greeted by a display that not only highlights Mueller’s metal offerings but also serves as a testament to the enduring beauty and functionality of metal itself.

Want to see more of Mueller Inc.’s impressive metal panels, like the MSL featured on their display building? Head over to their website at to explore their full selection and discover the perfect panel for your next project!

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