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Complete Restoration Roof Repairs. We do total restoration, not quick fixes or bandaids.

Why us

Thanks to our certifications with top-tier manufacturers, we ensure that our repairs not only preserve your current warranty coverage but also restore your roofing system to peak performance levels.

roof Repair vs Replacement

Roof repair offers a cost-effective solution compared to roof replacement, as long as the cumulative expenses of repair remain lower than those of replacement over the roof’s lifetime. Primary causes of roof repairs often stem from installation errors, while the age of the roof significantly influences repair costs. Should repair costs surpass those of replacement or re-roofing, opting for a new roof becomes the more economical choice. A thorough roof inspection provides the clarity needed to make the best decision moving forward.

warranty information 


For roofs constructed with a Klindworth Guarantee. Homeowners can be at ease, knowing their repairs are covered without hesitation. Plus, in the rare case of coverage denial due to material or workmanship errors, such as storm damage, customers receive a 10% discount as a gesture of our dedication to quality service.

cost & fees

For most repairs we charge a flat-rate initial consultation fee to diagnose the issue with a thorough assessment. Following our inspection, you’ll gain a clear understanding of the underlying problems and receive a detailed quote outlining the costs for resolution.

For residents in the following counties: Austin, Brazos, Burleson, Grimes, Montgomery, Robertson, Waller, and Washington.

Residential Consultation Fee:

  • $99 or reduced to $79 when prepaid with a credit card.

For residents in the following counties: Colorado, Fayette, Harris, Lee, Leon, Madison, Milam, and Walker.

Residential Consultation Fee:

  • $169 or reduced to $149 when prepaid with a credit card.


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