Roofing Finance


How it works

We know home improvements can be a big expense, so we offer payment plans for every budget. Pay on your own schedule with Klindworth Roofing’s special roof financing program.

An easy way to figure out your estimated monthly cost is to multiply the total contract cost by the factor amount. For example, if you get your roof replaced for $10,000 on a 120-month (10-year) plan at 8.911% APR— you can multiply the factor by the cost (0.01319 X $10,000) to get your estimated monthly payment ($131.90).

Special Roof Financing Options

Rate Term Factor
9.99% APR 24 or 36 months 0.04615 or 0.03227
10.99% APR 48 or 60 months 0.02585 or 0.02174
12.99% APR 72, 84, 120, 144, or 180 months 0.02008, 0.01819, 0.01493, 0.01375, or 0.01265
13.99% APR 240 months 0.01244


6-Month Deferred Roof Financing

0 Down 0% Interest 0 Payments (for 6 months)
12.419% APR 120-month term Factor of 0.01552


The pre-approval amount applied for is the contract amount plus coverage for any additional construction work that could take place.

When the project is completed, the credit union will send loan documents to be signed for the final amount.

We usually receive the results of the application within 24 hours.

Terms and conditions will apply to secure the loan.

There are NO early payment penalties.

Additional fees may apply.

In some cases, the credit union may request more information from the customer (supporting documents, additional income information or proof of income, etc.) before sending us the result.

A minimum credit score of 640 is required.